Balkan 10km Road Race

Balkan 10km Road Race – Brcko 22.06

This year for the first time together with Vidovdan 10K Road Race, Brčko will be the host of Balkan 10K cup with the plan to make it an official Balkan 10K Championship which is to be held every year.

Our goal, as a host, is to gather the best athletes of ABAF member federations. That’s why we decided to stimulate the participation of elite runners in Brčko on June 22nd.

Although rules and regulations state that federation teams consist of only two male and two female runners, we are prepared to accept all elite runners who are on IAAF elite lists, bring them in and give them appearance bonus.

Every male and female athlete on the IAAF Gold label list will get an appearance fee of 500 USD, athletes with silver label status will get 300 USD and those with Bronze label status will get 100 USD. Under the same conditions, we will accept all athletes from member federations of ABAF who are not part of national federation teams but come to Brčko with their federations.

In addition, host city Brčko, and Vidovdan Road Race organizer shall prepare special prizes for best athletes and teams of Balkan 10K Road Race. For teams: 1st place Winners cup and 300 USD, 2nd place cup and 200 USD, 3rd place cup and 100 USD. For athletes:  1st place gold medal and 300 USD, 2nd place silver medal and 200 USD, 3rd place bronze medal and 100 USD.

Let us not forget that all participants of Balkan 10K Road Race shall also be participants of Vidovdan 10K Road Race and are also eligible for prizes for top 20 runners in male and female competitions.

All prizes are being paid according to 2019 IAAF rules and regulations for label races.


How to come to Brčko?

Brčko is a self-governed town in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina and with 80.000 inhabitants it lays on river Sava which represents a natural border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and European Union. It is well known for its shopping centers and great restaurants. There are a dozen hotels and motels with great rooms in the town.

It is around 20 km from the main Zagreb-Belgrade highway and the border crossing between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia (EU) is literally in the town’s center.

Closest airports are Belgrade (an hour and a half drive from Brčko), Zagreb and Sarajevo. Smaller low-cost company airports are Tuzla (BiH) 60 km, Osijek (CRO) 60 km and Banja Luka (BiH) 180 km.


About Vidovdan 10K Road Race

Vidovdan Road Race is a 10 km road race and is being held in Brčko for the past 23 years and is the only one in the region with 8 IAAF quality labels. This year it is a candidate for IAAF’s silver label. It is highly competitive with lots of great athletes running it but it is also famous for its children race with several thousand children participating in its festival part. One cannot speak about Brčko and Vidovdan Road race and not mention it’s a great audience cheering for athletes during the whole course of the race.


It is mainly flat with the lowest point of 102 meters and the highest at 108 meters. Streets are wide and properly marked. It’s one lap course leading athletes through the town and they find it very simple and comfortable.

Start and Finish are on the main boulevard which has been totally remade by city council (made new groundwork especially for Balkan 10K and Vidovdan 10K Race). It is just a little sign of how much attention and energy the city of Brčko has been investing in making the best athletes of Balkan feel comfortable and at home.


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