Brčko, a town with around 70.000 inhabitants, situated in the far north of Bosnia-Herzegovina, at the intersection of the Zagreb-Belgrade, Banja Luka-Belgrade and Zagreb-Sarajevo roads, on the left bank of the Sava river, at 44’52” of the northern latitude and 18’49” of eastern longitude, 96 meters above sea level, has been an important intersection for centuries and a link between Central Europe and the Balkan Peninsula.

Numerous archaeological findings indicate that this area in the heart of the Posavina plain was populated in the Neolithic era, the Bronze and Copper ages.
Brčko is mentioned for the first time in 1538 as a settlement of Serb traders. It has been branded as a place of commerce for centuries now. On 5 March 2000 Brčko got the status of a condominium, as a territorial and administrative unit that equally belongs to Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and was declared District of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Its status accounts for the fact that the Brčko District has become the area with the highest growth rate in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The distance of Brčko from Sarajevo is 200 km, from Banja Luka 180 km, from Belgrade 140 km and from Zagreb 240 km.

Nearest airports: Belgrade 140 km, Banja Luka 180 km, Sarajevo 200 km, Zagreb 240 km, Dubrovnik 350 km, Budapest 300 km. There are regular bus connections with Belgrade, Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Zagreb, and many other cities.
Brčko has always been a town of sports. Volleyball has been particularly supported with much enthusiasm. Boxers, handball players, athletes from the Athletics Club Brčko, whose pioneers and juniors were state champions several times in the last few years, chess players… have also had considerable results.
On 28 June every year, Brčko hosts a unique athletics event – Vidovdan Road Race, which was started by SKPD Prosvjeta, which organized the first four races the purpose of which was resocialisation of young people after the war. Since 2001 the Agency MB Press from Brčko has been organizing the race, and since that year the race has been an international event. In 2004 the race met all the membership requirements of the Association of International Marathons and Distant Races (AIMS), it has become an official event listed in IAAF and EAA calendars, and is at the same time the Open Championship of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Republika Srpska for 10 km road races.
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