Date: June 27th 2020.

Time: 19:00
Place: Brčko, Bosna i Hercegovina

Prize fund for general competition:

Prize fund of 24th Vidovdan Road Race in general competition
Place M W M W M W Place prizes
>28:00 >32:00 >28:40 >32:50 >29:30 >35:00 M W
1 2000 $ 500 $ 100 $ 1000 $
2 2000 $ 500 $ 100 $ 800 $
3 2000 $ 500 $ 100 $ 600 $
4 2000 $ 500 $ 100 $ 500 $
5 2000 $ 500 $ 100 $ 400 $
6 2000 $ 500 $ 100 $ 300 $
7 2000 $ 500 $ 100 $ 250 $
8 2000 $ 500 $ 100 $ 200 $
9 2000 $ 500 $ 100 $ 150 $
10 2000 $ 500 $ 100 $ 100 $

General competition

In general competition borderline result for winning full prize is:

  • For results slower than 33:00 for men and 45:00 for women only a half of the prize is being paid.
  • All athletes who didn’t finish in the top 10 but have a result within a bonus limits will receive a bonus specified for that particular result.

In case two athletes have the same result, prize money for these two positions are adding up and are then divided into two equal parts to be given to them.

All prizes are being paid into a bank account according to the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the rules and regulations of IAAF prizes are being paid no later than 60 days after results of anti doping tests become official.

Every athlete must on the back of his/hers bib number fill out his/hers info (name, surname, emergency contact, blood type). All athletes are running on their own responsibility.

Persons younger than 15y/o will not be given starting numbers. Limit time for the race is 90 minutes.

After presenting a proof of payment of starting money, every athlete shall receive starting package: starting number with electronic chip, t-shirt, bottled water, gym sack, and at the finish line participation medal and participation diploma.

Athletes who chose to pay lower starting money are exempt from this category and they will receive a starting package in accordance with the regulations.

Any misuse of starting number is punishable by disqualification.
Any false information about date of birth is punishable by disqualification.
Any breaking of the rule on track (shortening track, taking refreshments out of the refreshment stations etc.) is punishable by disqualification.

Any disobeying of instructions from race officials (referees, umpires, delegate and other visibly marked officials) is punishable by disqualification

Authorized managers are obliged to secure permission of appearance for their athletes from their national federations. Athletes without manager are to provide permissions personally or via their clubs. Athletes without national federation’s permission will not be set in general competition. This regulation is applicable to elite athletes and members of national teams.

Elite athletes (athletes who, by IAAF regulations, are meeting conditions for bronze, silver or gold label IAAF) will before their appearance and taking of starting number, sign an agreement about mutual responsibilities with the organizer. Electronic correspondence on official email of the Organizer shall also be considered as an Agreement.

This regulations represent an official contract and it is being considered valid from the moment of participants taking over the starting package.

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