For nineteen years in a row Brčko has a great athletics project called Vidovdan Road Race, which had over 65.000 participants over the years. Motive of this project is exclusively sport.

Vidovdan Road Race is an event which is rising every year not only by number and quality of participants, level of organization, number of experts and volunteers but also regarding its international reputation.
Postage stamp created in honor of 10th anniversary of the Vidovdan Road Race has been displayed in many sport museums around the world.

Media, both foreign and domestic, are giving us great deal of attention.
We are respected guests in all occasions and meetings of great races and marathon organizers which is the proof, together with confirmed status on world event calendars, that we’ve succeeded in creating a recognizable sport brand.

In 2009. Vidovdan Road Race earned a Bronze label, a prestigious mark of quality from IAAF – International Association of Athletics Federations and became one of the greatest event of this type in the world. From that point Vidovdan Road Race came to represent an athletic event of global importance.
Vidovdan Road Race is the only event from Bosnia and Herzegovina with a full AIMS (Association of International Marathon and Distance Races) membership.

By organizing SPORTEXPO fair, we gave the opportunity to the economy to present their products, services and ideas to the world at a great sport, cultural and tourist event with expected several thousand participants and more than ten thousand spectators.

The city of Brčko got the opportunity to appear on most prestigious sporting events map in the world, Athletics federations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Srpska got a competition of highest rank in their calendar and overall sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina got another important reference in the world.

The first race was organized in 1996. as a program of local and international authorities in an effort to bring young people into the society after devastating war. Organizers were Radio Brčko and Serbian Cultural Society SPKD “Prosvjeta” Brčko.

From year 2000. organization of the race was taken over by MB Press Agency and from that date Vidovdan Road Race has been incorporated into official calendar of athletic events in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2004. Athletic club “Brčko” became an organizational partner of the event and the Race becomes a member of AIMS.

From 2009. Vidovdan Road Race is fulfilling all conditions for IAAF label except in 2014. when it was decided the race will be humanitarian in character and all funds were being used to help the children affected by terrible flooding.

Every year Vidovdan Road Race has hundreds of volunteers and they have their own club and park in Razljevo near Brčko.

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