For recreational participants

Preparation program for runners
who want to run 10km in less
than 60 minutes

Authors: prof. Simo Cvjetinović and prof. Radan Kalajdžić

In the first stage (lower intensity – strengthening internal organs – heart, liver, spleen, increase of elasticity of blood vessels etc.) one must take care not hurt your health with training but to prepare organism for higher level of physical activity planned in the second stage which is more demanding, and to achieve a top form at the race itself.

Stage I

Day 1
Medical examination (A doctor must give his opinion)

Day 2
Easy running with pulse control, 3×10 min with short breaks to recuperate if a runner feels he needs a break (pulse shouldn’t be lower than 100 without timing)

Day 3
Easy running 25 min without break, pulse control, no timing.

Day 4

Stage II

Day 5
Warmup 1000 m (3 x 1000 m) not faster than 5.30 min per 1000 m

Day 6
10 min easy running + 2 x 1600 m

Day 7
10 min easy running + 2 x 2000 m

Day 8

Day 9
Running 3 x 1500 m

Day 10
Running 2 x 3000 m

Day 11
40 min easy running

Day 12

Day 13
Running 2×3000 m

Day 14
Running: 1 x 1000 m + break + 1 x 1500m + break + 1x 2500 m + break + 1 x 1000 m

Day 15

Day 16
Running 2 x 5000 m

Day 17

Day 18
running 1 x 8000 m

Day 19

Day 20
1 x 4000 m + break + 1x 2000m + break + 1 x 4000 m

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Break until 17.30 hours

17.15 hours
10 min easy running and stretching; 10 min 4x 30 m speeding; 15 min stretching i 10 min concentration for start.

Note: Before every training it is important to do stretching exercises and after the training, in both first and second stage, do a speeding on 80 m with 6 repetitions + stretching.

All sections should be done in low intensity. During activity and breaks it is important to control your pulse and make sure that during breaks pulse doesn’t go bellow 90 and during activity not over average which is different for every runner.

This program is designed for those who are not practicing any sport or those who are practicing easy recreation or some other form of physical activity. The goal of the program is to prepare for Vidovdan Road race and finish 10 km track in 50 – 55 minutes (in reality this is the time in which this length could be finished by easy running). The other goal is to create a habbit of doing physical activity and sports which is very important for health of every individual.

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